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Lenovo ADP Offer – FAQ's

1.What’s the name of this OFFER /campaign?
Ans: Lenovo ADP Offer!
2.What is included under the Lenovo ADP Offer?
Ans: The Lenovo ADP Offer provides Accidental Damage Protection on products purchased by consumers during the offer period as detailed in the Terms and Conditions. The scope of service includes the following, if the functionality of the covered product is impacted by an operational or structural failure caused by:
(i) Liquid spills on the keyboard
(ii) Unintentional bumps or drops of the covered product from not more than fifteen (15) feet or five (5) meters
(iii) An electrical surge that damages the covered product’s circuitry
(iv) The failure of the integrated LCD screen, Lenovo will repair or replace (in its sole discretion), however the damage to the covered product is caused by an accident and unintentional.
3.Who is eligible for this Offer?
Ans: This offer is applicable on purchase of all Lenovo Notebooks / Tablets during the offer period (October 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016).
4. This Offer is valid till what period?
Ans: This offer is valid on purchases made from October 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016, however customer can take an advantage of registering the product till January 10th, 2017. The product needs to be purchased from Lenovo Business Partner- in India only. Online registration at is mandatory to avail this offer.
5. Do I need to submit hard copy of my documents to Business Partner?
Ans: This offer is completely paperless. If you are unable to send scanned copy of the documents a hard copy can be couriered to below mentioned address within 7 days from the date of registration and the registration process need to be completed before January 10th, 2017. The documents need to be submitted within 7 Working days of email communication with the request.

Kestone IMS Pvt Ltd
12/1, Palace Cross Road,
Bangalore - 560020
Phone: 080-39534757.
6. Will I get this ADP offer at the Business Partner?
Ans: Online registration at will allow you to avail this offer - in addition to the 1 year ONSITE service upgrade that comes with the laptop.
7. Do I have to pay anything to avail this benefit?
Ans: There are no additional charges and is absolutely free of cost.
8. Can I get this offer on all Lenovo products?
Ans: The Offer is applicable on purchase of all Lenovo Notebooks / Tablets (Applicable on selected MTM numbers only).
9. For which MTM number ADP offer is not applicable?
Ans. Below mentioned MTM numbers & series are not applicable for this offer as they get this offer by default. Please contact your retailer for more information (Lenovo Channel Partner, however this offer is valid on purchases made on/between October 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016).

Z510 59-398016
Z510 59-387061
Z510 59-387057
Flex 14 59-395514
Flex 14 59-395515
Flex 14 59-395516
S510p 59-383309
S510p 59-398286
S510p 59-383326
Flex 10 59-403045
Flex 10 59-404493
Flex 14 59-411866
Flex 14 59-411867
Flex 10 59-408507
10. What will be the URL of the website where I can redeem this offer?
Ans. : To avail this offer eligible customers need to register at by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the offer.
11. What is Crossed timeline I got an email rejecting my registration?
Ans: If the documents found do not meet the criteria customer will receive an email or call to resubmit the documents with required corrections (Invoice not clear, dealer seal & signature not visible or missing on the invoice, serial number incorrect, purchased date missing etc) customer need to send the documents within 7 Working days from the date of communication.
12. What should I do if I fail to submit the documents on time?
Ans: If you have missed the opportunity to submit the documents within the given 7 Working days of time frame you will have to re-register for the offer before the offer ends.
13. What documents are required toavail this offer?
Ans: Product serial number scan copy (present on the outer box) & Invoice scan copy (buyers name, purchase date, product serial number, dealer seal & signature are mandatory on the invoice)
14. Can I courier original documents?
Ans: Only scanned copies or photo copies of the documents need to be sent as the received documents will not be returned back.
15. How long will it take to receive the ADP Certificate?
Ans: After the submitted documents are verified and found to be accurate, the ADP offer confirmation will be sent to the customer’s registered email id within 7 Working days. ADP one year service upgrade certificate will be shared within 21 working days from the date of successful verification of documents submitted. Hard copy of ADP certificate will not be sent to customer.
16. What information is required to register on
Ans: During registration process the following details needs to be entered in the website:
(a) Serial number of the Product purchased
(b) Contact details (including address, phone number and valid email id)
(c) Store name and location from where the product is purchased
(d) Upload scanned copy of invoice

(e) Upload scanned copy of your product serial number which appears on the outer box.
17. Will I get any Case ID or Ticket Number post registration?
Ans: After the registration process is completed successfully the customer will receive an acknowledgement on his/her registered email id with a Ticket Number. This Ticket number can be used as a reference for any future communication on this offer.
18. Will you share any documents to my residential address?
Ans: Hard copy of ADP certificate will not be sent to customer. All communication will be via email or phone only.
19. For any concerns or issues on this offer, whom do I need to contact?
Ans: For any queries related to this offer customer can mail us at and call us at 080-39534757 during business days (Available on Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 6.00 PM except Public Holidays)
20. Where can I courier my documents if I do not want to scan/do not have any provision to scan?
Ans: Please include your Ticket Number on the envelope and send it to below mentioned address before January 10th, 2017.
Lenovo ADP Program Manager
Kestone IMS Pvt Ltd
12/1, Palace Cross Road,
Bangalore - 560020
Phone: 080-39534757.
21. I have purchased a Laptop under Lenovo ADP Offer today (December 31st, 2016) how can I redeem this OFFER as today is the last day of this offer?
Ans: Customer can register and upload the details on the same day or courier the documents on the same day so that we receive the documents before January 10th, 2017. We do not accept the documents after January 10th, 2017.
22. Can I use this offer for my business purpose (SMB/REL)?
Ans: This offer is NOT valid for any organizational purchases, educational institutes or special price clearance cases and also not valid for purchases made by company’s Business Partners, National Distributors or company’s employees, neither for them nor for any of their relatives.
23. My Business Partner has got an offer which allowed me to get free accessories can I also club this with this offer?
Ans: This offer cannot be clubbed with any other end-customer offer run by Lenovo during same / earlier period.
24. Can I register for this offer after one or 2 months?
Ans:You will have to register for the offer before January 10th, 2017 which is the last day to register for this offer period.
25. What happens if the documents I have submitted are not accepted as valid proofs?
Ans: Customer will get an e-mail on his/her registered email id and a follow up call asking to resubmit valid proofs within 7 Working days (from the Date of WIP Mail).
26. Are products purchased online eligible to avail this offer?
Ans. The below are the Authorized Online retailers
1) Flipkart India Pvt Ltd(WS Retail)
2) Office Shop Pvt Ltd
3) Rocky Marketing (Chennai) Pvt Ltd
4) DBM Marketing India Pvt Ltd
5) Amiable Electronics Pvt Ltd
6) Salora International Limited
7) Cloudtail India Pvt.Ltd
8) TTL Infotec Pvt Ltd
9) Spark Technologies
10) Arihant Infocom
11) Manali Digi Commerce Private Limited
12) Sunstrike Telecom Pvt Ltd
13) Net Distribution Services Limited (NDSL) / Lenovo Do Store
14) Laptech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
15) Tirupati Biz Link LLP
16) GX Technology
17) Tech Connect-Flipkart
18) Photronics Inc

27. Do I get onsite warranty along with ADP?
Ans. Below mentioned MTM numbers can get a Free upgrade to onsite warranty along with ADP offer.
80E3019EIH 59-439199
80E3005RIN 59-430551
80E30142IN 59-420157
80E3014FIN 59-403055
80E300GWIN 59-404493
80E3004EIN 59-403045
80E300T2IN 59-408507
80G000D4IN 80G001VNIN
80G001NSIN 80G001NTIN
80G00018IN 80G0015GIN
80FY002MIN 80G000LGIN
59-442211 80G0015HIN
59-436662 80G0018VIN
80G001Y2IN 80E301CYIN
80E3003QIN 80MJ00B3IN
28. What are the MTM criteria of the machines that are eligible to avail the offer?
Ans: If you buy a machine within India that is manufactured on or after 2015/07/01(YYYY/MM/DD) then you are eligible to avail the offer.
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